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Photo of Lollapalooza

Hello everyone!

It's time for the summary of what I did in the last few months :D

I've been trying to make several posts for a long time, but things have become a little bit complicated and I couldn't.

Internet life seems perfect, usually people don't tell the bad things that happen in social networks, but the truth is that life always has bad things.

In particular, recent months have been very difficult for me. I had many problems at work and in personal life, and that get me pretty depressed. In fact, to try to get out of this slump, I take a decision that was very difficult to me, and by the end of May I quit my job, without any backup plan. This is an uncomfortable situation for me, but the important part is that I'm way too much calm now and my colon is healthier :D

I hope these weeks that I'll be unoccupied, will be fruitful for this blog and can upload several posts.

Lets start the summary of these months :)


Ice creams of Palettas!! We tried Baileys and Watermelon with toasted flour flavours.

 The Mugs of Oh Darn arrived :) These are merchandising form the youtube channel and stream of Sp4zie. This guy make funny videos of League of Legends. If you like LoL, I recommend you his videos very much. You can see the videos and montages in his Youtube Channel.

Also, I want to show you my first J-Doll (Japan doll, in 1/6 scale). This model is Via Appia. In the first photo she comes with her original outfit and in the second with a steampunk costume made by Makinarium Diseño.

Have I told you that I love the gummy bears?? I think I'll see if I can learn how to do them.

Also, during March we have the babyshower of my boyfriend's sister. This babyshower was themed with animals, which I found super original. Here I share some pics:

Table ornaments
Table ornaments

Babyshower Favors

Details of the favors

Cake with animals :)

And it was Lollapalooza Chile!!! It was really fun but really hot, the heat was unbearable at times. Here are some photos and a mini video.


Me with my Lydia's from Beetlejuice hat XD

 Waiting for the presentation of Chancho en Piedra and Los Tetas

 Juanitos! The mascots of Chancho en Piedra

 Final part of the presentation of Chancho en Piedra and Los Tetas

 Mini video of the final part of the Chancho en Piedra y Los Tetas show

Skrillex. The light show was amazing

Skrillex. The light show was amazing
Skrillex. The light show was amazing


For pushing me to go to practice volleyball, I bought these new sneakers, especial for this sport. They are Mizuno, and they really give good support and cushioning. Here in Chile they are not sold, but it can be purchased via internet with intermediaries.

Saddly I sprained a foot recently, so I'll be sidelined for a while :(

In early April was the Tabletop Day, a day where the board games where celebrated and University of Santiago had an event called Terracon. They had specialty shops, demonstrations of various board games, card games, miniatures and roleplaying games.

 The board games area

Warhammer Miniatures

Warhammer Miniatures

 Roleplaying games' tables

Learning to play Go

Boyfriend learning how to play Go

One of the things I like of Go, is that you can notice the players different personalities. In the left panel is a way to play more chaotic than the one in the right panel.

And as I like board games I ended up buying 2; Black Stories and Shadows on London. Black Stories is about discovering different mysteries through questions that can only be answered with a yes or a no. In Shadows on London you try to catch Jack the Ripper, one of the players is Jack and the others player are the police and must catch him.

And in this photo, you can see my actual collection of board games and roleplayin games.

In late April, because of work, I had to visit Tierra del Fuego. This is the further south place in continental Chile . I'll do a separate post for this trip, because the place is really beautiful and I took many photos, but I leave some photos in advance:
Photos from the plane




During May it was my birthday :) It wasn't really planned because I was in the process of resignation, but I was still able to celebrate a little. We got together with some friends and play Shadows on London, eat cake and have fun :)

Passion Fruit Cake :9

Also, this month was the Comic Con Chile and I prepared a suit of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. Here are some pics of the process.

 Very biiigggg patterns! That is my picture window of my apartment

 Wig and tiara test

Elf rings. Only the one of the middle is from Galadriel, but could not buy just one

Comic Con was pretty entertaining. Still had some problems, especially due to the amount of people going and distribution of the stands. This makes the hallways to be overwhelmed. Hopefully it will be better next year. 

Here are some photos of the Comic Con.

Me as Galadriel and Tauriel

The Full dress

With the people of Sociedad Tolkien Chilena

 Photo of the panel of Kevin Sussman (Stuart of The Big Bang Theory)

And finally, in late May I, finally, quit my job. This is the end of a cycle, I worked for four years in this company, in fact since I graduated. I hope this new cycle brings good things :)

Cementery of business cards. Part of the tradition that we had with my work partners, when one of them were leaving

With that, we finished the summary of what happened during these months.

Now, about the video games I played this months, I'll do a separate post where I will make a mini review. In any case, as summary, I finished The Order, continued playing League of Legends (the addiction) and started playing Bloodborne and Heroes Of The Storm in beta.

On the other hand, as I can not define in which month I bought everything, here I show you some purchases of these months:

Art book of the movie The Book of Life and brooches of the Wizard of Oz. The book is really beautiful, and it covers the design of characters, locations design and the Making Of. And about the brooches, they belong to a set released for the 75th anniversary and brings the diploma of scarecrow, the heart clock of Tin Man and the Medal of Honor of the Cowardly Lion. The brooches are of very good quality, so I recommend it to all fans of the Wizard of Oz.

Mermaid leggings. The truth is that you can found these in many Internet shops, so I recommend looking for the shop with best prices.

Ice Cream purse

Pattern that I use for my Galadriel dress, Cheshire brooch, brooch of Snow White's poisoned apple and earrings.

The brooch

 Shopping of Feria Materia Prima

Pop Corn purse of Kate Spade. Bought second hand

 ModCloth dress

Last Caveys of the collection.  The girl how makes them decided to stop business and to start another :(

And obviously, to end this post in the most beautiful way, here are a lot of photos of Gin during these months :D


 "Tell me more"

Helping to make the bed

Over the instructions of my patterns

While I try to play Heroes of The Storm

Well,  I hope you liked this post.

Hugs for everyone!

PS: Some of these photos were taken using my cell and edited using the Beautiful Mess app or PicMonkey. Others were taken with my camera.


Leave Your Comments ;)

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