In Photos: October 2014

Posted by Andrea Day at 5:44 PM
Hello everyone!

Now is the turn of what I did in October :D

Some of these photos were taken using my phone and edited using the app "A Beautiful Mess" or "PicMonkey", some others were taken with my camera.

Beautiful sunsets from the balcony :)

Photo by Sebastián <3 p="">
Gin 'helping' me during a cleaning day at home. She hides in the nightstand when she hears the vacuum cleaner XD

I had a lot of work in the last weeks of the month. The image below is a map of a region of Chile, where we have to delimit different areas according to their properties. This type of work is fun, but it's very detailed and it gets me easily exhausted.

I've continued playing Destiny, and  I reached level 20. Saddly I'm finishing the game :(
I'll have to figure out with which game I am going to replace it. Also I'm playing Dark Souls II, it took me some time to get used to the fighting style of it.

Also, I went to two concerts this month. The first one was Calenda Maia's. This is a band dedicated to play medieval music. It's really amazing the work they do because they not only play great music and have spectacular voices, but also, they perform scenes from medieval theater. Another interesting thing about Calenda Maia is that they made a detailed study of the costumes, poetry, songs, melodies, instruments and even medieval cuisine. Some of their instruments were made by themselves!

Part of the Calenda Maia's Concert

This group has made several tours in Latin America, European countries and in North America, they have even participated in medieval festivals like the Calendimaggio in Assisi.

Photo by

Photo by

If you want to know more information about this group, you can see it at and I leave a video of one of their presentations.

Video by TribuArcana

The second concert was part of the "Festival internacional de innovación social" or FIIS. This event promotes innovation, social and environmental entrepreneurship. Every year, some speakers are invited to perform lectures, they are global and local leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, businessmen, representatives of various groups, students, etc. In fact, the event features a mix of music and speachs.

My friends :D!

 Group Astro at FIIS

Apart from the music and speachs, there are stands of different organizations, food stalls, stands selling innovative products, etc. And all this is done in the Bicentenario park, where you can have a picnic and enjoy the day.

Finally, pics of Halloween! I was sick this year and I couldn't celebrate as I wanted :(

Halloween Cake Pops

Decoration of the office

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Outfit

Well, I hope I have entertained you with this post.

Hugs for everyone!


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