In Photos: September 2014

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Here I show you a summary of what I did during September. 

All these photos were taken using my phone and edited using the A Beautiful Mess app or PicMonkey.

Blossoming almond tree in my family house. First sign that spring began.

Resting with Gin.

Pins of the movie UP! I bought them because they remind me of my father, since he looked a lot like Carl.

Terrible photo but I love it! My friends screaming from the building, asking me to stay with them :) They tried to bribe me with a plush of a ghost XD

Coca Cola nails. Special Collection of OPI nail polish.

Detail of the nails.

Amusement ride at the National Stadium's Fonda 

The best Amusement ride at the National Stadium's Fonda.  This octopus was really angry! The fondas are temporary places that are mounted during the independence celebrations of Chile. There, typical food and drinks are sold and there are various shows and amusement rides.

My character in Destiny, the new game I'm addicted to.  This game is really beautiful.

Franz Ferdinand's Concert.

One of the newest things I did this month was going to eat Korean barbecue. It is the first time I go to something like this and I found that the concept is very funny.

Chicken barbecue. That tube you see in the center is a smoke extractor.

Chicken barbecue.

Dessert. I loved the apple bunnies.

Playing with the smoke extractor XD

Well, I hope that this post have entertained you. 

Hugs for everyone!

Cirque du Soleil - Corteo

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Last week I went to see the show Corteo of Cirque du Soleil. It is the second time I see one of these shows, because last year I had the opportunity to see Varekai. The main story of Corteo is about a funeral procession of a dead clown and Varekai is about a forest full of magic and fantastic creatures.

Photo of Corteo

Photo of Corteo

Photo of Varekai

Photo of Varekai

If you have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, let me tell you that their shows mainly a mix of a fantastic stories with traditional circus shows like jugglers, trapeze artists, clowns, etc.

Part of Corteo´s Show

Part of Corteo´s Show

Part of Corteo´s Show

One of the main features of these shows, are the characters who tell us the lead story. All the participants in the show, including the band and singers, are characters with specific roles within the show. This means that sometimes, especially in the acts with a lot of characters, you don't know where to look, since all the people on stage are playing their character.

Protagonist of Corteo - The Dead Clown 

Character of Corteo - The Ringmaster

 Protagonist of Varekai - Icarus

Protagonist of Varekai - Betrothed

The tickets to these shows are not cheap (at least in Chile), I must say that they worth it. The shows have an incredible mise-en-scene, from the stage to the costumes, with great music and amazing circus acts. Also, you have a good view from any location, even in the cheapest one, because the tent where the shows are presented has an ideal size, where you have a great view from anywhere.

Well, about Corteo´s show, the main story sounds a little bit sad, but the show does not lose the humor and many of the jokes are related to the country where the show is presented. I really liked it, because it has a stronger story than what I saw in Varekai (although Varekai is also spectacular) and I loved the staging, which achieves a gloomy atmosphere with the chandeliers, angels, the baroque curtains and the painting  of the funeral procession.

Photo of Corteo´s Stage 

Photo of Corteo´s Stage - Detail of the painting of the Funeral Procession

So I recommend going to any of the shows if you have the opportunity. For the people of Chile, the Corteo show will be performing until 5 October and there are still some tickets available ;)

That's all! Hugs for everyone!

Note: All photos belong to the website of Cirque du Soleil.
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