In Photos: January and February, Viña del Mar/Valparaiso Edition :D

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La Dulceria, Valparaiso


It's time for the summary of what I did in January and February :D 
I was going to make a post per month but my mood has been a little blue, so time beaten me and I wasn't able to make the January post, so I gathered two months again. 

Let's start January with this pics of the birthday celebration of my friend Fran :) The celebration was a picnic with pets in the park and we played a lot with the new selfie stick of my friend Pilar :D!


Also, during January the Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía was celebrated :) This is a fair that has different exhibitions of collections and  activities related to science fiction and fantasy. In addition, there are some clinics of board games and activities for children, such as  Jedi school.

Bender is my favorite character of Futurama :)

Exhibition of Star Wars Characters

Exhibition of Star Wars Characters

Exhibition of Alien

Exhibition of Alien

Arcade Games!!

Ultraman Collection

Clinic of the card game Mitos y Leyendas


Clinic of the card game Mitos y Leyendas
For adults and children ;) Photo taken off the web page of the fair

Jedi School! Photo taken off the web page of the fair

Jedi School! Photo taken off the web page of the fair

Happy kids of the Jedi School! Photo taken off the web page of the fair

One of the best things about this fair is that it is in the Palace of Culture of Las Condes (one of Santiago's townships). This house is beautiful and has a huge garden, where you can take rest in the grass :)

The fair takes place every year during January. It is quite entertaining, especially for children. I leave you the page so you can stay tuned to the 2016 fair ;)

Web Page of Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía

And we end January photos with the pic of a marriage to which I was invited. The place and the decor was beautiful!

During February we went to Viña del Mar with some friends, so we could plan the trip that we are going to do during June and to rest a little bit. Viña was really crowded! Well it was expected, since it is summer holiday period in Chile.

We also visited Valparaiso for the day (it's practically next door to Viña del Mar). The photos below are from Valparaiso.

In Valparaiso we went to La Dulceria, a shop which sells handmade candys. If you have the opportunity to go to Valparaiso, I recommend you to visit this shop. The candies are beautiful and really delicious.

I leave you the page of this shop

Beautiful Lollipop of Maracujá

The best presentation card I've seen! Really creative and with real candies inside.

Pau very happy with her purchases

The jar with assorted candies that I bought

Another photo of the presentation card

I obviously took the opportunity to buy things for my collections. A new brooch and more keys, which reminds me I have to do a post about my collections :P
Musical Note Pin that boyfriend gave it to me

New Keys for my Collection 

During February was Valentine's Day! I've never been a big fan of this celebration, but this year we went with some friends to a sandwich restaurant called Fuente Mardoqueo. This place is pretty entertaining, it has collections of paintings, typewriters, chandeliers, musical instruments, etc. and their sandwiches are huge and delicious!

I leave you the page of this restaurant also ;)
Fuente Mardoqueo

Everyone at the table! Forgive me for putting pictures of you guys, but I love you :D

During these two months I've been playing mostly League of Legends. I resisted it for a long time but finally I fell XD. I must say that my wallet suffers the most, because of the skins!!.
Mainly I play with Ahri, I've always liked this champion, but still I am not strong enough in mid lane. So I'm taking turns between playing mid lane and support.

Skin with I currently play. In case you don't know the game or Ahri

If you do not know this game, basically is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where you play with 4 other players in a team and the goal is to beat the other team, so basically you have to kill them and destroy their base. There are two styles of mode that are the most popular, Howling Abyss, better known as ARAM, where there is only one lane where the battles occur, and the other mode is the Summoner's Rift, where there are 3 lanes of battle and a whole jungle area in between.

Map of the Howling Abyss, as you can see there is only one lane of battle. Image taken off this web page.

Map of Summoner's Rift, as you can see there are 3 lanes of battle: Top, Bottom (bot) and Mid. Image taken off this web page

 Mainly I play Rift and in mid lane. But also, I've playing in bottom lane as support (support of the other champions) or ADC (champion that make the kills). I hope you understand something of this mini explanation of League of Legends (or better known as LoL). If you like it, I can make a further explanation with more technical details.

And at the end of February, The Order: 1886 game was finally released. I've been waiting months for this game! I really liked it, the effort they put in graphics, textures, lighting and details it's showed. The Order mixes different styles of games, similar to the concept of The Last of Us, where at times it is a simply a shooter, but also you have to solve puzzles, and in others you simply have to go unnoticed like in a stealth game as Thief.

I leave you some screenshots that I've taken, and if you want to see me playing bad and cursing more than what I should, you can see some videos that I have on twitch. I still can't manage the dynamics of some fights because sometimes there are enemies with whom you can not go melee, and there are other enemies with weapons that you can not face directly.
 Screenshot of The Order: 1886

  Screenshot of The Order: 1886
 Screenshot of The Order: 1886

 To end this summary, I leave all the pictures that I took to the Gin during these two months. If you hadn't noticed, I love her XD

Well, I hope this post has been entertaining.

Hugs for everyone!

PS: Some of these photos were taken using my cell and edited using the Beautiful Mess app or PicMonkey. Others were taken with my camera.


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