The Very First Post!!

Posted by Andrea Day at 5:58 PM

Well, first things first. The presentation!

Mi name is Andrea. I live in a long, thin country in South America, called Chile. My mother language is Spanish, so please forgive my bad english.

I am 28 years old and my profession is civil engineer in hydraulics. I’m a person with diverse tastes and because of this I decided to start this blog, so I could share the things that I love. 

I will tell you some things about me, so that you can start knowing me better: 

- I love animals, but especially cats. This year, my first cat “Coñiñi” left me. We were together a long time and I miss her so much.

Coñiñi – Photo by Diego Martin

Recently, a new member joined my little family. “Gin” is a very loving and naughty kitten that has won our hearts.

Beside Gin, there are others members of my family, they are 4 dogs: Oso, Chiqui, Kazan y Negro.

Oso and Negro


Oso and Kazan

 Kazan’s tongue :p

- My favorite holiday is Halloween, even though isn't a very common celebration in my country (though is becoming more popular nowadays).  So I love pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and everything related to this holiday.

Halloween Cupcake

Pumpkin Carving

- I love to cook every kind of things, but I prefer cooking sweet things. I have taken some courses about making cupcakes, cakes and cake pops, etc.

Ice cream Moshi

Accordion Potatoes – Recipe by A Beautiful Mess

- I love sewing, especially costumes. Recently I joined an international community of costumers. In this community they dedicate mainly to costumes of old periods and movies, so I hope I can make a new costume of this type soon.

- I really like taking photos. I try to take better photos each day because I think that is the better way to keep memories. For that reason, I will start an album of scrapbook, so I can show my photos.

Río Claro

- I have a very obsessive personality, so I could easily start a new collection of anything. Actually, I collect dolls, owls figures, old keys, plush toys called “caveys” and I think I’m about to start a new one of measuring spoons :P

Collection of Coney and Cavey 

ADAW 52/52 + Happy new year!
Parcial collection of Pullip dolls

- Very often I buy things outside of my country by internet, because many things here are sold in a very high price or are not sell at all. What I usually buy are clothes, accessories and things for my collections.

- My family is very small. My mother and father died, just as my grandparents. My most immediate relatives are my 3 siblings Ximena, Carola and Ignacio.

Actually I live with my boyfriend, in an apartment to which we moved in mid-June. It's a very big change for me because I left the house where I had lived all my life and also is the first time that I live in an apartment in the heart of Santiago!! (capital of Chile). 

Soon I will show you more photos of the apartment and how we are decorating it.

Well, that sums up part of my life. I hope to share with you all these things that put together my life; my collections, photos, pets, recipes, travels and the evolution of our new apartment! Basically all my very many things! ;)

I hope that you enjoy my blog. A hug for everyone!


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