Trip to Tierra del Fuego, Punta Arenas and Preview of the Next One :D

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Crossing of Estrecho de Magallanes

During April I had the opportunity to visit Tierra del Fuego, because of work. This area corresponds to the western territory of the large island in the south of Estrecho de Magallanes, which is located in the extreme south of Continental Chile and belongs to the Region de Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena.

Tierra del fuego, like the entire region of Magallanes is recognized for its very cold weather throughout most of the year, reaching temperatures below 0 ° C some months and with snow in winter.

To reach Tierra del Fuego, you need to cross the Estrecho de Magallanes, using ferries. In my case, we did the following journey to get to the sector we need to visit:

This journey takes about 4 hours from Punta Arenas city to the area of Cerro Sombrero, on the island. The crossing by ferry takes about 20 minutes or so, and ferries run almost all day, every day of the year, excepting on bad weather days.

There is an alternative way to reach the island, crossing from the port of Punta Arenas to the vicinity of the city of Porvenir. Eventhough this is a more direct alternative, the ferry ride is longer, it takes almost two hours and is performed only once a day, from Tuesdays to Sundays.

I want to show you some photos of the journey to Tierra del Fuego and a video of the crossing by ferry:

Waiting for the ferry.

In the ferry. Very crowded!!!

Photo in the ferry.

Video of the trip by ferry. The sea was a little agitated.

And these photos are from trip back to Punta Arenas:

Because we were on a working trip, we were most of the time in the vicinity of Cerro Sombrero, which is in the north of the island.

In this area you can't see a lot of height vegetation, it is rather a steppe landscape and you can see lots of wildlife.

It is very common to see guanacos and various types of birds, because in this area there are few human settlements. In addition, you can see many sheep, because the people living in this sector raised them and make their lives around them.

Video whit a lot of sheeps!!

The place is very quiet and calm. I highly recommend you to visit this place, especially if you like to watch animals in their natural environment and landscapes with little human intervention.

Now, back to Tierra del Fuego, we took advantage to know a little more of Punta Arenas.

It is a very quiet and beautiful city. Quite different from other cities in the southern Chile, probably due to its remoteness to the rest of the continent.

Delicious food in Punta Arenas.

Monument to the Goleta Ancud.

Monument to the Goleta Ancud.

Monument to the Goleta Ancud during day.

We visited the Tres Puentes wetland, which is located at the northern entrance of the city. Here you can see many types of birds of this area.

Also, we visited the city cemetery. I am well fanatic of visiting old cemeteries; I find that they have something magical and a lot of history behind them.

In particular, this cemetery is one of the nicest I have ever visited. It has been very well maintained, full of pine trees in between the mausoleums. Here I show you several pictures of the cemetery and a video walking through the corridors of pines.

Video walking through the pines in the cemetary.

Finally, if you want a relaxing trip, with beautiful landscapes and many animals, I recommend you Tierra del Fuego and Punta Arenas. In fact, if you can visit some of the national parks in Tierra del Fuego, much better! It looks that are very beautiful, but I had no chance to visit them.
Alberto De Agostini National Park. More information in the CONAF page.

Karunkinka Park. More information in the park page.

Now, like a preview, I tell you that this weekend I'm going on a trip to Japan !!!! I will be there like 15 day, so I owe you a post (or more than one XD) with all the adventures we have in Japan. So stay tuned!!
JR Pass. Pass for the trains in Japan.

Hugs for everyone!!!


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