In Photos: September 2014

Posted by Andrea Day at 2:25 PM

Here I show you a summary of what I did during September. 

All these photos were taken using my phone and edited using the A Beautiful Mess app or PicMonkey.

Blossoming almond tree in my family house. First sign that spring began.

Resting with Gin.

Pins of the movie UP! I bought them because they remind me of my father, since he looked a lot like Carl.

Terrible photo but I love it! My friends screaming from the building, asking me to stay with them :) They tried to bribe me with a plush of a ghost XD

Coca Cola nails. Special Collection of OPI nail polish.

Detail of the nails.

Amusement ride at the National Stadium's Fonda 

The best Amusement ride at the National Stadium's Fonda.  This octopus was really angry! The fondas are temporary places that are mounted during the independence celebrations of Chile. There, typical food and drinks are sold and there are various shows and amusement rides.

My character in Destiny, the new game I'm addicted to.  This game is really beautiful.

Franz Ferdinand's Concert.

One of the newest things I did this month was going to eat Korean barbecue. It is the first time I go to something like this and I found that the concept is very funny.

Chicken barbecue. That tube you see in the center is a smoke extractor.

Chicken barbecue.

Dessert. I loved the apple bunnies.

Playing with the smoke extractor XD

Well, I hope that this post have entertained you. 

Hugs for everyone!


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